ARCHIVE 2010-2011

ARCHIVE 2010-2011

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FALL 2010


September 8
Jennifer Lindsay, Visiting Fellow, Southeast Asia Centre, ANU
“Performing Indonesia Abroad 1950-65”
October 25
“Democracy in Burma”
Panel and Open Forum
Moderator: James C. Scott, Yale University
September 29
Ruth Barnes, the Thomas Jaffe Curator of Indo-Pacific Art, Yale Art Gallery
“Textiles in Eastern Indonesia: Early Collections, Recent Innovations”
November 9
Film Screening
“Three Documentaries from Vietnam”
with Directors
October 6
Ruth Barnes, the Thomas Jaffe Curator of Indo-Pacific Art, Yale Art Gallery
“Temple, Court and Village: Southeast Asian Art at the Yale University Art Gallery”
November 17
Film Screening
Enemies of the People”
Discussion with Director, Rob Lemkin
November 3
Arif Rohman Zamhari, Advisor, Nahdlatul Ulama; Yale World Fellow 2010
“Sufism in Contemporary Indonesian Islam”
November 10
Janet Sturgeon„ Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University
“Regionalization and the Nation: Ethnic Minority Rubber in the Borderlands of China and Laos “
November 17
Christina Fink, International Sustainable Development Studies Institute, Chiang Mai, Thailand
“Burma After the Elections: what Can We Expect?”
December 8
Eleanor Sterling, Director, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
“Conserving Biodiversity in Vietnam: Patterns and Processes”




January 2
Zubin Mohamad, Fulbright Scholar-Artist, Dance Department, UC Riverside
“Journey to Sarawak (Borneo): Dance, Rituals, Textiles and Tourism”

January 20
Film Screening 
“New Year Baby” 
Discussion with Filmmaker /Director, Socheata Poeuv

February 9
Kevin Fogg, PhD Candidate, Department of History, Yale University
“Green, Local, and Political: Indonesian Traditionalist Islamic Groups Beyond NU”
February 19
6th Annual YIF-CIA Conference on Indonesia Studies
Yale Indonesia Forum (YIF) and Cornell Indonesian Association (CIA)
February 23
Mitchitake Aso, Department of the History of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Forests Without Birds: Colonialism, Race, and Science in French Indochina”

April 11
Film Screening
“Floating Lives
with Director Quang Binh and actress, Hai Yen

April 13
Kristy Kelly, Columbia global Centers
“Whatever Happened to ‘Comrade’?Reframing Gender Equality and rights in Post-Socialist Vietnam”
April 14
“Translating Vietnamese Literature”
April 20
Frank Dhont, PhD Candidate, Department of History, Yale University
“The Javanese Principalities during the Japanese Occupation (1942-1945): Traditional Power Under a Totalitarian Regime.”

April 15-16
“Current Perspectives on Papua”
Conference hosted by the Yale Indonesia Forum

  February 26
Southeast Asia Annual Spring Cultural Festival
Hosted by the Yale Southeast Asian Language and Literature Faculty

May 12
An Evening of Javanese Chamber Music
Sarah Weiss and the Yale Gamelan Suprabanggo

  May 13-14
“Gold in Southeast Asia”
Exhibit and Symposium
Organizer: Ruth Barnes, Yale Indo-Pacific Art Gallery, Yale University