ARCHIVE 2001-2002

ARCHIVE 2001-2002

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FALL 2001


Jose Manuel Tesoro
Indonesia correspondant 1997-2000, Asiaweek magazine
“Indonesia’s May 1998 Riots: A Modern Whodunit”
Michelle Thompson
Department of History, Southern Connecticut State University.
“The Professionalization of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine and the Development of the Viet Minh Medical Corps”

Jefferson Fox
Interim Director of Studies, Research Program, East West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.
“Siam Mapped and Mapping in Cambodia: Boundaries, Sovereignty, and Indigenous Conceptions of Space”


Scott Guggenheim
Principal Social Scientist, The World Bank (Indonesia).
“Fuzzy Vision: Community Development in Indonesia During Social Transition”


Owen Lynch
Center for International Environmental Law, Washington D.C. (Indonesia).
“Whose Nations? Whose Resources? Efforts to Promote Legal Recognition of Community Based Property Rights (CPBRs) on International and National Levels”

Roy F. Ellen
Department of Anthropology, Eliot College, University of Kent at Canterbury.
“Cultural Salience, Nomenclatural Polytypy and Ecology: Local Knowledge of Sago Palm Diversity in Maluku”ent and on Possibities for Their Future”


Peter Ashton
Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University.
“Sustaining Asian Rainforests: A Botanist’s Perspective”





Tony Whitten
Senior Biodiversity Specialist, East Asia And Pacific Regions, The World Bank.
“ ‘Displacement Behavior’ Among Conservationists in the Face of Anarchy”
March 2
Conference and Cultural Celebration
hosted by Yale Students of Southeast Asian Studies
“Generations: Continuity and Conflict in Southeast Asia”
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Jose Manuel Tesoro
Visiting Fellow, Yale Southeast Asia Studies.
“A Murder in Java: Notes on Construction of a Crime in Soeharto’s Indonesia”
Lisa Curran
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University.
“The Mast, the Matrix and the Mafias: Political Ecology of Land Use in West Kalimantan, Indonesia”
Deborah Lawrence
Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia
“Changes in Tree Diversity, Landscape Structure and Soil Fertility During 200 Years of Shifting Cultivation in West Kalimantan, Indonesia”
Michael Ross
Department of Political Science, UCLA.
“The Politics and Economics of Insurrection in Indonesia”
Jeffrey Winters
Department of Politics, Northwestern University.
“The Destructive Legacy of Soeharto’s New Order in Indonesia”
Karl Heider
Department of Anthropology, University of South Carolina.
“The Tactical Uses of Anger in Indonesian Politics Before and After September 11”
Quang Phu Van
Vietnamese Language and Literature, Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Yale University.
“Nguyen Cong Tru - A Vietnamese Scholar’s Quest for Meaning: Confucian or Daoist”
Judy Ledgerwood
Department of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University.
“Global Concepts and Local Meaning: Human Rights and Buddhism in Cambodia”
Professor of Economics, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.
“A Development Manifesto for Indonesia”