ARCHIVE 2008-2009

ARCHIVE 2008-2009

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FALL 2008


September 17
David A. Biggs, Department of History, UC, Riverside”
American Forays in Construction, Destruction, and Disruption: An Environmental History of the Vietnam War, 1952-1975
October 5
Film Screenings: 
“The Bet Collector”  – 
(The Philippines)
“Opera Jawa” – (Indonesia) 
(Co-hosted with Global Lens/PIER Film School)
October 1
Allison Brown, Counter narcotics Advisor, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Kabul, Afghanistan
Lessons Learned or Ignored? A Comparison of Opium Control Programs in Thailand, Burma, Laos and Afghanistan

October 31
Film Screening:  Three Documentaries from Viet Nam:
Discussants: Film directors, Nugyen Huu Tuan and Phan Huyen Thu and Erik L. Harms, Yale Anthropology

October 8
Max Lane, Department of Malay Studies National University of Singapore
“Unfinished Nation(s): mass action politics, history and the prospects of political instability in Indonesia ten years after the fall of Suharto in Indonesia”
October 15
Eric Henry, Asian Studies Department, University of North Carolina
Yuè States and Peoples in Early China”
October 22
Richard O’Connor, Departments of International Studies and Anthropology, Sewanee University
Between Legacy and Discourse: Southeast Asia as an Evolving Cultural Region
October 29
Martin Loicano, Assistant Professor of History, University of Southern Mississippi
Political roles of Weapons Systems in the Republic of Viet Nam, 1967-1973




February 11
Isabelle Beaulieu, Asian Studies, Université di Montréal
“Fifty Years of Political Stability in a Rentier State: The Case of Malaysia”

February 11
Film Screening:  “40 Years of Silence: an Indonesian Tragedy”
Discussion with filmmaker, Robert Lemelson

February 18
Edward Miller, Dartmouth Colleg
“Defending the Dharma, Defending the Nation: Religion, Nationalism and the Politics of Nation Building in South Vietnam’s 1963 ‘Buddhist Crisis’”

February 28
Indonesian Dance and Drum Workshop
conducted by Ening Rumbini and Wahyu, West Java, Indonesia

March 4
Lorraine Paterson, Cornell University
“Exiles from Indochina: Narrating the Lives of Colonial Deportees”
April 4
Yale Indonesia Forum Conference
“Interreligious Relations in Indonesia”
March 25
Michael Bakan, College of Music, Florida State Unviersity
Monkey Chant Madness: Balinese Kecak in Fellini’s ‘Satyricon’ and the Coen Brothers’ ‘Blood Simple’”
February 28
Featuring guest performers Ening Rumbini and Wahyu, West Java, Indonesia
April 8
Bradley Davis, Eastern Washington University
“Bandit Rule Under the Nguyen: The Black Flags and the Vietnamese State, 1862-1873”
April 27
The Gitameit Voices Choir,
Yangon, Myanmar
Hosted byYale Spizzwinks
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April 15
Andrew Willford, Cornell University
“The Indian Uprising and the Haunting of Justice in Malaysia”

April 22 
Joel Kuipers, George Washington University
Linguistic Piety in Central Java”