ARCHIVE 2004-2005

ARCHIVE 2004-2005

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FALL 2004


October 6
Sidney Jones
Southeast Asia Project Director, International Crisis Group
“Indonesia After the Elections: Future Prospects”
October 24
Film Screening
with Filmmaker, Dang Nhat Minh
Bao Gio Cho Den Thank Muoi
(When the Tenth Month Comes)
October 14
Taylor Owen
Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway,
“Mapping Threats to Human Security in Cambodia, 1969-2004: Measuring, Visualizing, and Modeling Vulnerability”
October 20
Megan Sinnott
Lecturer, Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies, Department of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies; the Department of Anthropology, Yale University
“Sexuality, Power and Resistance among ‘Toms’and ‘Dees’ in Thailand”
October 27
Peter Jackson
Senior Fellow in Thai History, RSPAS, Australian National University
“The Performative State: Semicoloniality and the Tyranny of Images in Modern Thailand”
November 3
Peter Suwarno
Department of Language and Literature, Program for Southeast Asia Studies, Arizona State University
“Challenges of Applying Modern Mediation in Resolving Conflicts in Indonesia”
November 4
Louise Barnett
Department of English, Rutgers University

“US Army Courts-Martial for Crimes against Civilians in the Conquest of the Philippines, 1898-1902
November 10
Keith Taylor
Vietnamese Cultural Studies, Cornell University
“Vietnam and Iraq: Is There a Comparison and, If So, What Is It?”
November 17
Charles Scheiner
East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis (La’o Hamutuk); Secretariat, International Federation for East Timor
“Will East Timor Avoid the Resource Curse?”
December 1
Nay Win Maung
2004 World Fellow, Yale University; Publisher of Living Color, Myanmar
“The Role of United States at the South East Asia’s Failing State, Myanmar”
December 2
Susan Cook
Department of Anthropology, University of Pretoria
“Comparing Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda”
December 8
Michele Thompson
Department of History, Southern Connecticut University
“The Nguyen Mission for Smallpox Vaccine: Promising Leads from the Portuguese Archives




February 16
Henri Bastaman
Senior Advisor to the Minister for Environment, Republic of Indonesia.
“Reconstructing Society: The People of Aceh in Post Tsunami Indonesia”

January 20
Panel Discussion
“One Disaster Many Futures: Envisioning the Aftermaths of the Tsunami”
Moderator: J.Joseph Errington, Chair, Council on Southeast Asia Studies

February 23
Magnus Fiskesjo
Department of Anthropology, Cornell University.
“Renaming the Barbarians: Ethnonymy, Civilization and Modernity in Southeast Asia and China.”
February 12
Southeast Asia Studies Spring Cultural Festival
Hosted by the Southeast Asian Language Studies faculty
March 2
Hy Van Luong
Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto.
“State Neotraditionalism and the Dialogic Restructuring of Public Rituals in Two Vietnamese Villages.”
April 17
Burmese Pat Waing (Drum Chimes) and Dance Demonstration
Featuring Kyaw Kyaw Naing and Maung Maung Mynt Swe, Shwe Myanmar, Sunnsyside, NY
April 6
Antonius Made Tony Supriatma
Phd Candidate, Government, Cornell University.
“Mobilizing the Dayaks: Ethnic Violence in Post Suharto Indonesia.”
April 26
Readings of Selected Poems
Nguyen Chi Thien, author of Hoa Dia-Nguc / Flowers from Hell
April 13
Kimloan Hill
Viet Heritage Program Department of Linguistics, UCSD.
“History Revisited: A Theory on the Rise of Communism in Southeast Asia.”
April 27
Film Screening
“The Buffalo Boy (Muoa Len Trau)”
with Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo, Director/Screenwriter
April 20
Shawn McHale
History and International Affairs: Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University.
“Violence, Liberation, and the Frontiers of Belief: the Mekong Delta in the First Indonchina War.”
April 27
Images of the Fall of Saigon and Panel Discussion
“Vietnam Thirty Years On: Reality and Metaphor”
Nayan Chanda (Center for Study of Globalization)”
Ben Kiernan (Department of History)
Charles Hill (International Security Studies)
Jonathan Schell (Center for the Study of Globalization)