#58  Contested Democracy and the Left in the Philippines
by Nathan Gilbert Quimpo. 405 pp (2008). Cloth $38.00; Paper $27.00
  When “people power” toppled Marcos, the Philippines was considered a shining example of the restoration of democracy, but, since 1986, it has encountered obstacles to the deepening of that democracy. Quimpo puts forth the idea of “contested democracy,” and argues that deepening democracy involves tyransforming an elite-dominated, formal democracy into a participatory and egalitarian one.
  Reviewers’ Comments: “A major contribution of this book is the detailed account of the origins, development and current state of the Left in the Philippines…painstakingly chronicles the divisions and permutations of communist, socialist and social democratic groups and even Southeast Asia.”  - Aprodicio A. Laquian
“…this comprehensive tome (is) the first ever on segments of the Philippine Left that tries to explore and exploit the openings created by the downfall of the Marcos dictatorship and the return to constitutional democracy….One finishes reading this book with mixed feelings: a guarded optimism….and a pained analytical conclusion…” - Patricio N. Abinales
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#56   Fine Description: Ethnographic and Linguistic Essays by Hal Conklin
edited by Joel C. Kuipers and Ray McDermott.
535 pp (2007). Cloth $38.00; Paper $27.00
   This book gathers a significant sample of the classic writings of anthropologist, Harold C. Conklin. As impressive now as when first published, these works present details of agricultural and botanical knowledge, spatial orientation, kinship, verbal play, poetry, and music of the Hanunóo and Ifugao in the Philippines.
   Reviewers’ Comments: “Across decades of fieldwork in the Philippines, Harold C. Conklin wrote classic papers for anthropologists working everywhere….It has long been established opinion that (Conklin) is one of the very best fieldworkers in the business…he does it the way it ought to be done….” - Clifford Geertz
“…[For ethnographic theory and method] Conklin managed to anticipate just about every issue that has emerged in the last thirty years…” - M. Anderson

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UP      Perspectives on Philippine Poverty, based on a Conference on Issues on Rural Poverty, Quezon City, July 1992. 145 pp. (1993). Cloth, $17.00; paper, $12.00. 
   A collection of research essays from the fields of economics, sociology and nutrition, analyzing factors associated with rural poverty in the Philippines.  (published: Univ. Philippines)


#32     Philippine Colonial Democracy, edited by Ruby Paredees and Michael Cullinane. 166pp. (1988).  $15.00 
   A collection of four essays offering insights into the problems of establishing a functioning democracy in a colonial setting, i.e., the American period. 
   Reviewers’ Comments:  “…this important collection of minutely research essays provides the basis for a critical reassessment of many widely held historical stereotypes. - David Routledge


#21     Perspectives on Philippine Historiography: A Symposium, edited by John A. Larkin, iv. 76 pp. (1979).  $9.50 


#16     Philippine Migration: The Settlement of the Digos-Padada Valley, Davao Province, by Paul Simkins and Frederick L. Wernstedt. x, 147 pp. (1971).  $8.50


#2      Early American-Philippine Trade: The Journal of Nathaniel Bowditch in Manila, 1796, edited by Thomas R. and Mary C. McHale. viii, 63 pp. (1962).  $4.75 
   ”A journal like that of Nathaniel Bowditch, kept during his visit to Manila in 1796 …is a document of considerable significance to our knowledge of the Philippines at the dawn of the opening of the Islands to general world trade….of equal importance as a description of the beginnings of American economic contacts with the East.” - from the Preface by Karl J. Pelzer