Gold in Early Southeast Asia

Gold in Early Southeast Asia

Yale Southeast Asia Studies Monograph #64

Selected Papers from the Symposium, Gold in Southeast Asia, Yale University Art Gallery, May 13-14, 2011

With the publication of John Miksic’s book Old Javanese Gold twenty-five years ago, Southeast Asian gold became a new field of study. The Hunter and Valerie Thompson collection that was its focus is now at the Yale University Art Gallery, where it is one of the foundations of the recently established Department of Indo-Pacific Art.

In 2011 the Gallery displayed key items of the collection and hosted an international symposium to celebrate the donation. This volume is the outcome of that occasion. The contributions represent a range of disciplines, from archaeology to art history and epigraphy. New approaches to analysis are offered and enrich our understanding of the role precious metal once held in Southeast Asian cultures. Recently discovered archaeological sites are discussed. Several of the authors also address the problems of looting and forgery when objects become desirable collectors’ items. The collection of essays marks a new stage in research on precious metals in Southeast Asia.

Edited by: Ruth Barnes, Emma Natalya Stein and Benjamin Diebold

Contributors: Ruth Barnes, A.T.N. Bennett, Michael Armand P. Canilao, Jan Wisseman Christie, Ian C. Glover, Helen Ibbitson Jessup, Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer, Andreas Reinecke

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