CSEAS Graduate Student Committee

CSEAS Graduate Student Committee


The Council on Southeast Asia Studies Graduate Student Committee is an interdisciplinary collective, working together on academic and cultural aspects of the complex region of Southeast Asia. We are dedicated to enhancing the Committee’s academic and social environment, and supporting the organization of events such as speaker series, brown bags, and film screenings. 


Interested students can contact Al Lim (al.lim@yale.edu) for more information.


MEMBERS (2020 - 2021)

Al Lim

PhD Student, Anthropology and School of the Environment


Smart cities; infrastructure (Laos)

Asmus Randløv Rungby

PhD student, Fox-fellow at the MacMillan center; 

Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen

Democracy; civil society; civility; urban studies (Malaysia, Sarawak)

Harry Burke

PhD student, History of Art

Abolition; decolonization; modern and contemporary art

Jill J. Tan

PhD Student, Anthropology


Death and dying; funeral corporations; urbanism; poetics; colonialisms; performance; games (Singapore)

Kelvin Ng

PhD Student, Department of History 

Intellectual History; Political Economy; Indian Ocean; Migration

Mu’izz Abdul Khalid

PhD Student, VAR Fellow at the MacMillan Center;

Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Monarchism; authoritarianism; rentierism (Brunei)


Vanessa Koh

PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology and School of the Environment

Land; sovereignty; environmental anthropology; postcolonial urbanism (Singapore)