Commercial Orders

Commercial Orders

Commercial Vendors, Libraries, Colleges & Universities: Publications Orders:

  • 20% Commercial/Institutional Discount ; No pre-payment required on orders under 5 books; Invoice enclosed with shipment unless otherwise indicated. Larger orders may require pre-payment on proforma invoice prior to shipping.
  • Default shipping via U.S. Post-Media/Book Rate, UPS Ground, or U.S. Post Priority Mail International.
  • UPS express (domestic); U.S. Priority, Express Mail International or other shipping method by request at cost; invoiced and payable on receipt of order, except where UPS Collect/3rd party account is provided.
  • Returns by permission, no time limit. We will give credit for books in resale condition only.
    Standing Orders available.
  • Purchase Orders accepted via mail, e-mail, fax, telephone

To download detailed sales, shipping and return/credit policies for vendors and educational institutions, click on PDF files below—

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