Yale CSEAS 2021 Fellowships Advisements and Policy Updates

Yale CSEAS 2021 Fellowships Advisements and Policy Updates


Yale Southeast Asia Studies Student Grant Application Deadlines extended to Sunday March 7

CSEAS is currently accepting applications for summer research or study abroad or for projects to be conducted remotely.  Any students submitting applications for projects involving international travel are encouraged to prepare an alternate remote project plan (if they have one) along with an alternate budget to submit if necessary.

Given the evolving COVID-19 landscape, we cannot guarantee that travel will be permitted or that proposals involving travel can be funded, however, it is important to begin preparing early for the possibility of travel if it is an option for you.

Current Yale travel policy for graduate and professional students, requires that they submit an application to the Off Campus Research and Field Work Committee.   Students should plan to do this after award letters are issued, and to provide documentation of approval before the awards are implemented.

Undergraduate Students are advised to make summer plans with caution, paying careful attention to the Yale College Travel Policy.  Students should refer to the Summer 2021 Fellowship FAQ for guidance regarding the summer of 2021.  As of April 5, 2021, if the Yale College Universal travel restriction is not lifted, or if the Yale College Travel Policy does not allow travel to the proposed country or region, the project proposed will not be funded, and/or will need to be conducted remotely.